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General Charles De Gaulle

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General Charles de Gaulle 

Image result for De Gaulle 1968Picture found- https://www.cvce.eu/en/obj/address_given_by_charles_de_gaulle_on_the_events_of_may_1968_paris_30_may_1968-en-77c0d5bf-e29b-4f73-97f8-bff6c17d00f0.html 

  • Born November 22nd 1890 and died o November 9th 1970, ages only 79 years old. 
  • During the events of 1986, Charles de Gaulle was the president of France. 
  • He was in office from January 8th 1959 until April 28th 1969.
  • He was Prime Minister to RenĂ© Coty from June 1st 1958 until  January 8th 1959.  

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